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The Positive App is an essential part of the journey through Positive's Learning Programme. On the App you can find our cutting-edge, visual metaphor tools the ‘Emotional Barometer’ and ‘isee’. They are interactive tools designed to measure moodstate and enhance key constructs related to psychological wellbeing and resilience. Along with other research-backed tools like the Positive Pinboard, the App also boasts a regular newsfeed chock-full of useful articles and videos related to your learning.


About Positive

Positive is a specialist consultancy focusing on the science of sustainable performance through psychological resilience expertise. Drawing from psychology, neuroscience, and the medical sciences, Positive provides programmes worldwide that deliver improved knowledge and understanding of the drivers behind human behaviour. To find out more about us and our programmes, please visit our website. Additionally, you can visit the Positive Blog to find articles exploring how your brain works and suggesting handy psychological tools and techniques you can use.

The Positive App is available to download on the App store, on the Google Play Store and the Amazon Appstore. For more information about our programmes and on how to access content on the app, please get in touch.



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